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    saving documents and thunderbird
    its been 2 months since I got my macbook. I had a dell previously and before that a g4 pb so I'm fimiliar but also still new

    When im saving documents I have folders and sub folders. Is there a way I can browse to the folder I want to save in? The only place I can save it to is documents but I can't get any further than that.

    2. Is there a script or plugin for thunderbird that will place a mail icon in the taskbar so I dont have to check thunderbird all the time.

    3. in finder, can I add documents to the go menu. for example it has applications, utilities etc, or can i make a shortcut to the documents folder

    thanks for the help

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    1/ There certainly is. In the Save and Save As dialogs, you will notice a big blue triangle immediately to the right of the file name. Click this and you will be rewarded with the file system browser you are looking for.

    2/ If you have Thunderbird in your Dock, it overlays its icon with a little green circle showing the number of new emails you have yet to see. Hence, all you have to do is glance at the dock now and then (which you are probably doing anyway). You can also set Thunderbird to play a sound when new mail arrives, alerting you to the need to check it.

    3/ I think you are referring to the bar on the left side of the Finder window? To add new things there, just drag them in! You can even add programs here and use it like a launcher. I have dragged Photoshop into mine and can launch Photoshop and open the first image all at the same time, just by dragging and dropping the image onto the Photoshop icon on the bar.

    Hopefully this helps?
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    thanks for the reply mac57.

    I have my dock hidden so I don't always look at the dock. I do have thunderbird playing a noise when I have new mail.

    i will try and describe what I was trying to explain in #3. I want to place a shortcut inbetween applications and utilities

    thanks mac57

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