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Thread: g3 imac swap

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    g3 imac swap
    I am getting an older imac g3 for my friend and was wondering about the compatibility of the g3 processors. I have a 400mhz g3 slot load imac. Can I buy say a 500 mhz processor and just stick it in or is there more involved in getting the 500mhz to work. I was also wondering this about the 350mhz machines as well. Thanx

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    I am guessing a simple change to 500 Mhz is unlikely to fit the motherboard For one thing, you may not benefit from that upgrade because of the system bus. Have you posted in the Apple support discussions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    The Harmoni upgrades are not compatible with the slot loading 400 Mhz models
    the only upgrade option would be this one. And it really isn't worth it in my opinion. You could spend a little bit more and get a refurbed eMac with a faster G4
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