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    Move os from one computer to the next

    This may be a really stupid question,

    but a friend of mine has a mac running mac os 10.2.8, and she has a different mac running 10.3,
    one is significantly faster and has a bigger hard drive than the other,
    and what im wondering is, is there a way to like, 'clone' the hard drive, and like, move the mac os 10.3 to the hard drive of the mac running 10.2.8?
    Or like, make a mac os 10.3 cd from that mac to move all the data to the other mac?
    copy the os 10.3 and move it to the 10.28 hard drive.
    Can this be done?

    im sorry if this isnt a clear description.

    Also just a little question,

    What would happen if i ran a usb cable from one mac to another?
    Could i transfer files that way?

    If i made a fool out of myself just now by asking those questions,

    then youre getting a window of who i am ;-)


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    I don't believe that there is any way to do this. You will need to install a new Mac OS X on the more favored machine. And while you are at it, get 10.4.x, Tiger, vs. the 10.2.x and 10.3.x you mention.
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    Why couldnt he use something like carbon copy cloner to clone one machine and then restore onto the next?
    As far as transfering files with a USB cable I dont think thats possible. Try Target Disk Mode, same principle as what you've proposeed but with a Firewire cable.

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