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Thread: New to this forum and to Macs

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    New to this forum and to Macs
    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum. I recently purchased my first Mac. I bought a black MacBook because I liked the form factor with the 13.3" screen. I was not entirely satisfied with it though. I was little surprised at the noticable refresh lines on the screen. Granted, I could only see them from certain angles but I was surprised nonetheless. I think the 13" MacBook is a great design with a couple of equipment flaws. The integrated graphics and the screen issues being what I'm talking about. Well, I only had it for a week and it started locking up everytime I tried to wake it up with the Bluetooth mouse. So, I took it back to the store and replaced it with a MacBook Pro. I am very glad I did. The MBP display itself is much better and I am ok with the overall size of it. I really like smaller laptops so this was a tough decision for me. The other factor was a dedicated GPU vs the integrated Intel setup on the regular MacBook. I bought the baseline with the 2.16 Core2Duo 1GB RAM and the 120GB HD. I may end up adding more RAM but so far I haven't found it necessary.

    I have been in the IT industry for over 17 years and I've been exposed to Macs a little here and there. I started with MS-DOS and I've messed around with CP/M on an orginal IBM PC. I've messed with pretty much every DOS utility or Menu system and I've loaded every Windows version since 2.0. I've messed with every version of OS/2 since 2.11. I also used GeoWorks Ensemble for a while. GWE was very impressive at the time. I never really had a lot of interest in Macs since everything I used a computer for was designed for a PC. My interest in Macs really began with OSX. Because it's a Unix based OS I somehow find it more interesting. It's kind of like Linux only better(IMO). The first time I loaded Linux on a PC was in '92. It was a Slackware distribution. It was fun getting it up and running but then I just had no use for it as my daily system. I've loaded many distros since then and Ubuntu came very close to becoming my daily system. I am ENTIRELY comfortable using OSX as my daily system. It's kind of freaky how easily I've acclimated myself to it already.

    I still have a Vista laptop and a Vista desktop though.

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    I think that your macbook was just a lemon. Typically the MacBook screens look amazing... lol and shouldn't lock up.

    Anyways, Welcome to the forums and I hope you continue to enjoy your mac experience!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I kind of thought it was probably just a bad example. Otherwise they wouldn't be selling. In the end, I think I'll be happier with the MBP anyway.

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    welcome and congrats on the MBP!
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums! Hope your enjoying your new MBP. :mac:

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    Welcome NaplesBill!!
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    Welcome and enjoy your mac!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums and the Mac, NaplesBill!

    A MBP does have the added bonus of having a graphics card with its own VRAM. :girl:

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    I agree Jonnyfive that your Macbook could have been a lemon as my Black Macbook has been working like a charm since I bought it last December. I rotated my screen and looked at it from all different directions and couldn't find any of the refresh lines you mentioned, so it definitely isn't normal (either that or my laptop is extra special :black

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    Welcome to the forum and the world of Mac! I've never used a MBP but I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as you'll enjoy this forum. Come back often.

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