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Thread: MAC pro noise

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    MAC pro noise
    I keep reading things about the MP - "almost silent" "can't tell its on" "quietest tower i have ever heard" "have to put my ear to the case to hear anything" etc etc

    Well - I bought one three weeks ago - and well, are we talking about the same machine ???

    In fact I was so disappointed I sent it back and got a replacement. It is the same.

    I can hear a gentle hum of the PSU and fan noise. None of the above descriptions are anything like it.

    Of course these things are subjective - but it is NOT a particularly quiet machine. I have built a "quiet" machine - fanless supply and graphics - mother of all cpu heatsinks etc And that was a lot quiter than this MP.

    Of course it's impossible to tell if I have had two duff machines - I really need to listen to someone else's machine and see if they are similar - it's no good going to a store because of the ambient noise.

    So if anyone reads this - lives in Surrey/Berkshire in the UK - and will let me listen to their machine (or come and listen to mine) - that would be nice.

    And of course all I do ow is sit here and get annoyed about the noise from this thing. :confused:

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    I don't live in the UK, but I also just switched over from a pc to a MBP, 2.16Ghz Core2Duo, and it is very quiet. Now I can still hear the fan humming, but compared to my work pc which is a dell d610 and my personal pc, a dell d810 this MBP is freakin quiet. Now if your "quiet" machine does not have any fans, of course it's not going to make any noise or it will definitely make less noise than a MBP with a fan. Anyways, hope that helps...


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    I think Phil79 is talking about the Mac Pro, not the Macbook Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil79 View Post
    ...So if anyone reads this - lives in Surrey/Berkshire in the UK - and will let me listen to their machine (or come and listen to mine) - that would be nice.

    I know, I know.. bad question.. Do you live near the Dursley's on #4 Privet Drive?

    ok.. bad humor... but hopefully somebody gets it.

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