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Thread: Web Design software ?

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    Web Design software ?
    I have learned so far that there are very few programs that run on Intel based Mac's. Most of the programs I need for web design run under Rosetta. When Adobe releases these programs to work on Intel based Mac's will the performance increase? I am finding less than stellar performance out of my macbook! I can run flash and dreamweaver on my moms celeron xp machine with 512mb ram and integrated vid card faster than my macbook! Any input would be appreciated.


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    There is always iWeb even though it doesn't give you the control that Dreamweaver does. I hear Rapidweaver is good too, but I'm not sure if it's Intel-based or not.

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    Not the answer I was looking for but thanks! I am a designer not someone just tinkering around, I need the real deal. I just wondered why it ran so much faster on less hardware and if the performance was going to get better. I am not keeping the macbook if not, kinda defeats the purpose.


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    Well I guess the obvious thing that people say in situations like this is just use Text Edit (the Mac equivalent of Notepad).

    I'm surprised to here that you think Dreamweaver is slow under Rosetta, on my iMac it's plenty fast enough, certainly not slower than it was on my very old PC even if it did have 2GB of RAM. What version are you running?

    If you really can't live with the speed of Dreamweaver than perhaps take a look at some of these.
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    Yes, the performance of non-Intel native apps will increase with a Universal Binary release of the same app.
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    Thanks for the replies! I did some research on my own and found the link below. I just need to chill out and wait I guess. I get frustrated when I click file in flash 8 and I have to wait to get the drop down menu.


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