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    Question Silly question of the day
    Lets try not to flame the newbie too hard here, but how on earth do you get Quicktime into full screen mode? Best I can do is double size. This is kinda silly.

    Oh, and a second question. Where can I find a codecs pack for my new Mac? Several of my video files refuse to play under Quicktime, claiming that it can't find an appropriate decompressor. I downloaded Divx so far, but that's it.

    - Osiris

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    6,999 thats the best media player...gets about all files that you cant with QT

    in quicktime Apple+F goes to full screen mode
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    In the non-pro QT i don't think you CAN go fullscreen, can you?

    Yeah, VLC = goooood.

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    You cannot get full screen unless you get the pro, or full version of quicktime. It doens't come with your mac in the pro far as I know.

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    Yes.. Starmanta is correct. But VLC will support fullscreen mode, too.
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    Oh i have quicktime pro so didnt realize it was only regular
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