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    Exclamation Battery?
    When charging with the MagSafe charger is it possible to overcharge the battery if left plugged in for an extended amount of time?

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    I dont beleive its possible to overcharge it since once its fully charged the laptop will just be powered by the charger and not the battery

    However if your leaving it for an extended amount of time and its fully charged it might be an idea to take the magsafe charger out!

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    No it stops charging when it reaches 100%
    and most batteries trickle charge after 80% to protect the battery and make its usable life longer, however it is advisable to run down your battery at least once a month otherwise it will begin to deteriorate.
    If you are not going to be using your mac, leave the battery at 50% take it out and it should not get damaged whereas a full battery or empty one will. This only applies however if you are not going to be using your mac for over a 3 month period.

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