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    New User... Already need help with .rar files!!
    Hi there,

    My first post! Nice to meet you all!

    OK I need to ask a wuick question... what do I do with .rar files? My computer keeps having problems trying to open them? I have an album of MP3's in a .rar file that I can't open or unstuff etc. Do I need to put it through toast, or something like that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    It is all sorted now. Just was having a bit of a problem with my software... Had multiple versions of stuffitt on my hard drive going back to 5 right up to 8... XCouldn't remember where I got 8 from but admin just told me they put it on there, so I'm all sorted.

    Thanks Bayard for all your help, and thanks guys for taking the time to respond to my query!

    have a nice day y'all!

    I see you found the answer

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