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Thread: Easy way to quick copy a cd?

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    Easy way to quick copy a cd?
    Alright.. Going from a PC to a MAC I am trying to figure out certain things..

    I am attempting to copy entire non-picture cd's and make a duplicate copy..

    Usually I would do a copy on the fly sort of thing with the "burn entire disk" on a PC..

    I only have one drive on my G5..

    What is the easiest way to do this?

    I have been copying the disk (duplicate) to my desktop and then burning the cd..

    Is this the only way?


    I am trying not to have to buy software for this but if there is no getting around it I will have to. But hoping you guys could help with that decision..

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    Toast 6 is pretty much the best CD software for Mac. It does anything. I haven't messed around with trying to copy a CD, because Toast can do it.

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