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    Windows XP on my mac
    So, I have windows xp on my mac. (using virutal pc, with windows xp). I got it so I could use programs that were not on the mac.

    I found Windows XP works BETTER on my Mac than on my PC.

    Anyway, my brother was playing around and he downloaded some diagnostic tool for XP -- he wanted to see what the tool would say about the CPU speed. (this is on the mac)

    Apperently, my 1Ghz G4 is equivelant to a 1.5Ghz Pentium cpu (according to the speed tests done on my mac, within windows xp).

    I've found the windows xp seems fast, and it's best to use the recommended ram on the side of the box. Before, I just let virual pc allocate it's defalt ram settings, which wasn't enough to work xp correctly. But since then, I figured out how to set the settings, and XP works fine. Great even. Actually, it's better than my pc at home, better than the pc at work, even better then I've seen in the store. Go figure.

    Meanwhile, my pc has been sitting on the other end of the room. I haven't touched it in a long while. I haven't had the need. Only once, when I needed to use a tax program that only worked on PC -- then I got virtual PC with windows XP. Now I can do everything on my mac.

    It feels like I've gotten a deal: I've got two computers in one!


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    BTW, I want to know that my Mac is way faster than my XP on my mac, and my pc at home, work, and even the big fancy computers in the store.

    I find that my mac loads things much quicker than windows machines. Before, I got used to the waiting. I used to boot up word on my windows PC (with windows 2000) and it'd take a long while. The same with the internet. I have the same connection, but the net seems faster with my Mac. Everything runs faster.

    and now, everytime I go to work and work on there computers, everything seems slower. Actually, the machine I use has windows 98 -- and it's faster than our windows XP machines. the XP machines are 1ghz machines but as slow as heck. The windows 98 is fast, and it's 150Mhz machine. LOL. the only problem is that it crashes eveyday and all of it's programs are from the '90s.

    My home pc is an AMD Duron (750Mhz). It has windows 2000. It works faster then the XP machines at work too, but it has problems with a lot of software titles. And it likes to crash too.

    My mac hasn't crashed yet. Now blue screens of death for me.


    PS I usually use the Mac programing. I don't use the XP that often, just when I have to. I like using my mac more than Windows. Going to work and having to deal with network problems, crashes, and slow-running machines is enough windows for one day. LOL

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    BTW, for fun, I just checked out quick-time on my virtual PC. Video doesn't work well on virtual PC.

    So, if you're planning to do video-based things, just use the mac stuff. Mac works better.

    Programs on the disk seem to work better. I don't know about video on the disk. Web chatting would work better on the mac too. I know you can get all of the popular windows-web chats on a mac. Like you can get MSN and all of that stuff too, and of course, iChat.


    PS, graphic intence Games might not work to well either. Windows solitare, however, works on virtual PC. Hey, I know people who've gotten PC's and ended up only using it for solitare. My grandpa was given a PC for his birthday once, and that's all he uses his computer for. Although, now he will type things (like letters) if he needs to. Other than that, its solitare. LOL

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    I ran 98 for a year or so on a G3 350. I played around with it a lot, destroying files and wrecking the bios and trying to fix it because it was utterly safe to do so. If I wrecked it beyond repair, I would simply trash the thing and drag in the backup. Windoze can be bulletproof, but only when running on a Mac.

    It was like a computer game. No matter how many times the hero is killed, a click brings him back good as new. If you have to learn Windoze and hate hassles, learn it on a Mac. Rumor has it that Longhorn will be RISC-chip based. Maybe that's why Billy bought Virtual PC. The next Big Thing in Windoze land might run only on Mac hardware.

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    Yeah Mac iChat is extremely sweet! I use it all the time and it was a snap to set it on my old AIM!

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    Actually anything that requires hardware acceleration won't work at all on Virtual PC - this includes just about any game you would care to have Windows for.

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