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    Mapped two shares but they keep popping up on login.
    Hi Gang,

    I followed previously posted instructions on how to map my volume to my Login so that it autmatically mounts them when I login to my machine. My question is, I have the "Hide" box checked and when I login the volumes are mounted and expanded where I have to close them each time. Its a nusiance but not a big big deal. Anyone know how to keep OS X mounting the volumes and keep from having them expanded when you login?


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    G'day jprez1980,

    I have the same thing with mounted shares opening as windows on my desktop at login. I can't offer a solution to this but one handy tip if you have more than one mapped share is to press & hold the Option key then press the key combination of Command + W. This will close those open windows faster than you can say "Frank Burns Eats Worms".

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    You may want to use an Apple Script to open then close the window... list the Apple Script in the "Login Items"... I have done this with Mail and iTunes... It works great for me.

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