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    Unhappy Slow Macbook Pro
    Hello ,

    I am new to OSX and just purchased my Macbook Pro 2 Duo 2.3 , 17 inch 2GB ram , about 2 weeks ago. I have been experiencing some real slowness its quite frustrating especially after paying 3k for top of the line components.

    Anyone know if this is just how Os x performs ? I have been a windows user for my computer life and this doesn't even compare in speed (loading / multi-tasking) . I understand some adobe product run in emulation , but even firefox and just general multitasking is painless.

    I was thinking maybe I have a defective macbook I tried bookcamp and windows, but is also much slower than my already old PC.

    Any suggestions or tips I can do to improve/ test performance would be appreciated.

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    Describe how the laptop is slow. Does it seem to take forever to load programs? Do programs lag when you use them?

    Also, this maybe a silly question, but how are you using some of these programs? Do you just download Firefox, double click the .dmg file and run it from the folder the opens? Or do you drag it into the Applications folder and run it from there?

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