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    AOL dial up with os x

    So, its my second day with mac os jaguar,
    Im liking it a lot,
    no complaints,
    But when you install os jaguar you know how you have to fill out information about the computer, and you have to fill out info about your connection,
    well i filled out my user and password,
    filled out the access number,
    and all that,
    and what im wondering is can you turn that off so that mac os doesnt know the internet connection so that i dont have 2 programs connecting me to the internet?
    whenever i sign off aol, mac os x prompts me to insert my password,
    and i click cancel,
    and it asks again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

    Bottom line,
    i just want to connect to the internet with aol, thats it.
    I want mac os to quit bugging me about my connection.

    Also, how do i use internet explorer with dial up so that i can use internet explorer while im connected with aol?

    one last thing,
    is there anything i should know about mac os x or jaguar or anything before i get into it?


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    I don't know about the name and passwor thing. What happens is you oblige, and just put it in?

    For Internet Explorer, just minimize your AOL window, and open up IE. It should detect that you are connected, and let you do your thing.

    I haven't used Jaguar yet, but I'm getting a Cube with Jaguar on it early next week. Looking forward to it, so maye you can tell me a thing or two about Jaguar.
    Black MacBook
    Black 2GB iPod Nano & Black 80GB iPod Classic
    B&W G3
    G4's - PowerMac & Cube

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