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    Which MacBook Pro for Final Cut Pro 5.1 ?
    I am thinking about purchasing a 15" MacBook pro. My main concern is the graphic card: is the ATI mobility radeon with 128 MB of SDRAM enough for Final Cut Pro 5.1, or do I need 256 MB ? I already have my old G5 for production work (editing, motion graphics, 3D...). I'll use the 15" every now and then on location, mostly for editing. Any feedback would be appreciated !

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    You won't need the 256MB card for FCP. You will want more system RAM instead. That will make a much bigger impact on your performance with a video editor.
    You did mention 3D, though. What 3D apps do you use? The only time more VRAM really matters is with 3D modeling and games.
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    I am not a big fan of games, so I guess I'd be better off saving for RAM (I plan 2 GB), since the 15" 2.16 GHz is 500 $ cheaper than the 2.33 GHz !
    I use Electric Image (EIAS) for animation, and its modeler (not universal) for modeling.
    BTW, could you use a not universal app with a MacBook Pro with no trouble at all ? Thanks again.

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    You can use a non universal app, but it will not run as fast.... The 2.16 is $500 cheaper but, the ram from apple costs $175, it comes standard on the 2.33, so I think that it is a $325 difference,
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