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Thread: EOS 20D and MacBook Pro

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    EOS 20D and MacBook Pro
    My new MacBook pro only seems to half recognise my Canon EOS 20D.

    The canon software shows the camera as an option when I plug it in, but when I try to access it, it says it can communicate with the camera. Image Capture doesn't recognise a camera is connected either. When I unplug the 20D, the computer tells me I've disconnected it, so it knows it's there in some form, but doesn't want to talk to it (sounds like my relatives).

    I have yet to try my Casio compact camera, but I use the 20D more.

    I know I should just use a CF card reader etc, and I do have one, but tend to leave it work. I find it easier to hook straight into the camera.

    I also need to use the Canon remote control software with the camera, as I do set the camera up to be controlled by the PC for doing time lapse animations (CF card not much use here). eg - (bigger version 1.1Mb)

    I used to just access the camera as a drive in Explorer (before I entered the world of happy computing with my mac), which was very convenient, and leaving the card in the camera also makes sure I don't leave home without it. Not sure if the Mac is supposed to do this or not. It's embaressing turning up somewhere with a bag full of camera gear, and trying to borrow a CF card.

    Tech stuff, in case it makes a difference:
    Camera has latest firmware.
    Mac is a MacBook pro, 15 inch, 2.33 GHZ Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb ram, 120 Gb hard drive.

    Any ideas much appreciated

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    Have you tried taking the card out and putting it in a reader? I have an EOS-30D and that is what I do. It works very well. One of these days I will investigate all the software Canon provided, but no time soon. For now, I simply pop the card into a reader, copy it off to my Mac and fire up Photoshop. Life is good!
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    Yep, works fine in the reader (which normally lives at work), but I need it to communicate for the remote control stuff.

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