I'm thinking of going MAC - iMAC, but I have a problem....

I also have a thin-client that connects to my work - a Sunray.

Now in my current setup I have PC + Sunray and one monitor and KVM switch to use either PC or Sunray (thin-client) with the monitor/keyboard.

However, if I go iMAC, I have to have an extra monitor for my thin-client - iMAC's do not have a "video in" - what a pain. Video convertors via Firewire are not an option - I do CAD stuff so redraw and graphics are important.

Has anyone modded an iMAC to do this ? External source into the graphics card ?? (I realise this is a lot of ducking about, but I would be willing to try).

I know I can get a Mac-Pro, but I want the iMAC form factor for space reasons etc

All comments gratefully received....