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mokjok 01-21-2007 09:56 PM

Database software for Mac & Windows Mobile
Like many other posters, I'm planning a move from the Windows world to a Mac, mainly because I've had it with Microsoft over-charging for rubbish software (Vista, anyone?).

I've solved most of the software issues moving from one platform to the other, but one has me stuck -- database software and a corresponding client for Windows Mobile.

You see, I currently run MS Access on my PC and an Access front-end called Data on the Run (DotR) on my i-Mate JasJam PDA/phone running Windows Mobile 5. I need database access while out on the road for work, and having only recently bought the JasJam I'm not in a position to buy a new PDA.

I had though that Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Mobile for Pocket PC would work, but the tech support for Mark/Space's Missing Sync tell me that it is not possible to sync the two programs using their software. HanDBase seems only to offer a Mac desktop client for Palm devices, not PPC ones.

Can anyone offer a solution? Bear in mind, I'm not a database techie and I have no desire to spend hours building a complicated set of forms & tables. The nice thing about DotR was that it was really simple, and I would prefer something just as straightforward.

Thanks in advance!

mokjok 01-22-2007 06:55 PM

Looks like there is no way to sync databases between OS X and Windows Mobile.

In my further research, it seems there may be two solutions:

1. Continue to run MS Access under Boot Camp or Parallels, and sync there.

2. Upgrade the database to MySQL under OS X (looks complicated).

Anyone have any experience with ActiveSync for WinXP under Boot Camp or Parallels?

Please let this not be the only barrier to my planned switch!

mokjok 01-22-2007 07:11 PM

I should have been clearer -- I know it is possible to use ActiveSync under Boot Camp (and probably Parallels) but is it possible to use it AND use MissingSync under OS X on the same Windows Mobile device?

Sorry to keep adding to my own post!! Thanks for any advice.

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