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Thread: Buying a PowerBook

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    Buying a PowerBook
    Buying a Powerbook 15" 1.25 GHz, 1GB Ram, SuperDrive, etc.....I was wondering if I should buy it now, or wait until July(latest).....

    According to the two last updates they were a year apart, and the most recent one was in Sept. was my guess is that the next PB update will be in this Sept..

    So basic query is: buy now or later?

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    Apple next move is anyone's guess. I think we'll be seeing the G5 powerbooks by September, but July would be pushing it.

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    The problem with any computer equipment is that its constantly changing. Virtually any top of the range hardware you buy now will be replaced by something else within 6 months to a year.

    If you need the laptop, buy it.

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    Just buy it now. I doubt you're going to want the first run of PB G5s anyways. They'll be really expensive at first, and are most likely going to have some heating issues. So just go with the current PB G4, cause it's a damn good computer, and you won't be dissapointed, and it'll power you for a long wihile.

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    TylerMoney: Well put. I agree, buy the G4 now.

    I actually have a Power Mac G4, but I considered getting the G5. When I fund out it would cost more money (about 2000 more) I decided to go with the G4. Six months later, my Mac is still running wonderfully, and I know it will continue to run wonderfully through the rest of college (and probably longer).

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    ahh!!!! Now I'm questioning buying my PB now, see this page for details(BTW dont post anymore on this thread, just the linked one)

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