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Thread: A lone Mac user in a Windows world - Typical Issues???

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    A lone Mac user in a Windows world - Typical Issues???

    I am planning to buy a macbook pro but I live in a windows world (all my office network and machines are windows based) and even I intend to run windows on macbook using bootcamp.

    What are the typical problems/compatibility issues u noticed while switching from windows to mac (and still living in a windows world)

    Are there any issues I should be aware of like

    1) Any limitations in connecting to windows network ? file sharing

    2) ability to use common usb flash drives etc across windows and mac os

    3) file sharing across windows / mac



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    1) Not really. There are guides to do this easily, like this one.

    2) Not at all. Flash drives use standard common cross-platform file systems.

    3) See 1).

    It's even easier to network if you can install Bonjour on your Windows computer (serch google for Bonjour for Windows). This allows Macs to find PCs and vice versa without configuration at all!
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    If you live in a Windows world because of work, the only big concern you may have is swapping Microsoft Office files between your Mac and your PC. Rest assured that this is easier than it sounds. The file formats are consistent across the two - you can open an Office-Windows file on Office-Mac, and visa versa.

    Better yet, you can escape MS-Office entirely if you wish and use the wonderfully complete NeoOffice, which is the Mac native version of OpenOffice, the open source, cross platform office suite. It is fully MS-Office compatible and completely free. An excellent alternative.

    Other than that, you should have no worries. You can freely swap files back and forth - your Mac has a very nice implementation of Windows file sharing and "plays nice" with any PCs it finds.

    Enjoy your Mac!
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