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    Suggestions for a Greeting Card app
    OK...I've officially switched. Has been a smooth transition...not 1 problem. Well....except for my wife.....she is still hung up on the software (or lack of) for Mac. So far, I've found everything that she's wanted except for a cheap program to make greeting cards. I'm looking at the latest Print Shop for Mac....but it looks like overkill for what she needs. Does anyone know of a basic program for making simple greeting cards?
    I have a 17" Intel Imac 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo... 1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x512

    My 2nd question: I thought I saw this when I was reading thru the swithcher guides but I've searched and searched and now can't find it.
    Is there a list of file names/types for Mac compared to Windows? The file types and what they are associated with?

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    iPhoto makes beautiful greeting cards, but it uses photos from your library. So you'll need to always find a picture to put in there, which your wife might like, but maybe she wants just static cards.
    Give it a try. iPhoto is already on your Mac, I presume.
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    You might also wish to see:

    This runs down many other options in the same area. yogi is right though - you should have iPhoto on your machine already. It can be somewhat limiting in the available formats though, hence the above may be of some use.
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