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    Viewing number of files in multiple folders
    hello there, im new to this forum and also new to macs for home use (i use G5s at work for artworking and quark stuff but never really use the OS that much) I have however been reasonably impressed with the machine at work so i bought myself a macbook pro 17inch beauty.

    So far, so good i guess, im enjoying it, although how do i select certain folders and get the quantity of files within th folders highlighted? I can only get the size and amount of folders selected. Its proving VERY troublesome....

    Im sure there is a way to do something so simple, i am just missing it somehow i guess?

    still after using my PC since august 2005 thats never crashed, whereas my macbook has crashed twice in the first week ive had it, i hope it wil stabilize.

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    When I click on a folder, say within my Documents folder, I see the number of items (files and folders) displayed at the bottom of the window. However, to see this number you need to make sure the status bar is visible by selecting View in the Finder menu then Show Status Bar. Unfortunately, I know of no way to view the total number of items if multiple folders are selected.

    Concerning your MacBook crashes, have you downloaded all the latest software updates? Sometimes those are all you need to correct problems like that.

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