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    So, after 8 years of PC ownership, I have come back to Mac with a brand new Mac Book Pro. However, I want to keep using my Palm Vx. However, the cradle only has a DB9. On the advice of Palm, I purchased a Keyspan USB serial adapter. I loaded the software--no problem. However, the Mac won't recognize the serial device. Plugged in the USB port, I can't the PDA to sync. It's as if the Mac doesn't see the device plugged in. Also, the little green light on the serial adapter is not illuminated at all. Might it be defective? Might I be defective?

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    You will need the driver for the USB to Serial adapter, i don't think you will find that for your Mac, that would explain why the LED is off. I can think of 2 solutions...

    - Look for a USB cradle for your Vx, eBay may have some very cheap.
    - Upgrade your Palm.

    Sorry i can't give you a more optimist answer.
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