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    new switcher - couple questions
    just switched a few days ago... still waiting to lose my feeling of regret for passing up on the thinkpad... OS:X seems great, and simple to use; but i think im too set in my windows ways.

    Is there anyway to get a windows style 'taskbar'... i know we have the dock, but i like being able to see and click on whatever particular firefox browser, or word document i want.... expose is deffinetely cool, but the taskbar is just soo much more efficient for me.

    is it possible to dock adium at the left side of the screen? (so windows, like firefox, dont cover it up).

    Sometimes when i hit tab, it doesn't goto the next logical box... is there a solution to this? (for example, when i was logging in, i tabbed to the password box, then hit tab to goto the little check box -save password for this computer- but it went to a different box instead...

    Thanks in advance!

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    1) None that I know of, but trust me, you get used to it pretty quick. (Or, at least, I did...)
    2) I honestly don't know, other than just to click its icon in the Dock when you want to see it.
    3) To my knowledge, the TAB key will only change between text inputs in most forms, instead of buttons or check boxes and the like.
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    3) thats unfortunate... in windows it went to everything which meant u didnt need to goto the mouse.

    thanks for the quick response.

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    Might I suggest you download a program called QuickSilver. It's not at all the taskbar replacement that you're seeking, but let me explain.
    Basically, after a keyboard hotkey (like apple-spacebar), a text entry box pops up. You type in what amounts to be the beginning of a series of very simple, intuitive commands that you wish to happen.

    Let's say you want to mail a photo in your iPhoto library over to your mom, but you don't want to go searching for the photo, nor do you want to open and address a new e-mail.

    Simply type the name of the photo first (it will be instantly found in QuickSilver's catalog), then tab down to the action pane...type mail, e-mail, whatever your flavor of that command is, and hit enter. Another box opens, and you type in who you want to send it to...type "mom", and enter.

    You're done, all without opening a single program.

    The best part is, this program (QuickSilver) LEARNS from you, adapts itself to the style you work in, and begins to anticipate your moves when you invoke it for your next task.

    I suggest keeping an open mind, and try it out. It will be different at first, but I think you'll like it.

    Just about all of us do.
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    snoslicer, i actually have QS already, and I do love it. It's deffinetely my favorite part of OS:X.

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    2) (partial solution) I figured out how to keep adium on top. its in the 'advance' section of preferences -> order of contact list -> keep above other windows... (wierd wording).

    Unfortunately, its not really 'docked' in the sense i was thinking, since other windows open under it, instead of to the right of it.

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