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Thread: External monitor, heat issues

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    External monitor, heat issues
    One final question for now.

    I run my macbook with an external monitor alot of the time, using the method of putting the computer to sleep, and closing it, and then wakeing it with an external USB mouse. When it wakes i can use the external monitor and the mackbook stays closed.

    Now, what i'm worried about is this vauge notion i have that lcd screens should not be subjected to heat. As any macbook owner knows(or notebook owner)these things can heat up! Is the heat going to damage the MacBook LCD screen if subjected to prolonged notebook heat?

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    notebooks are designed to be used in docks all the time, the macbook and mbp have an external mode as well. they wouldn't design it like that if it could damage the machine.
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    Sooooo ... there actually seems to be some debate on this issue. I wonder if anyone attending the big Mac show this week might be able to corner someone from Apple who actually has reason to know the answer.

    My gut tells me eric is right ... they wouldn't design a "clamshell" mode if it was bad for the computer. But at the same time, people with a lot more Mac experience than me have pointed out that the Mac uses the keyboard as a heat vent. This is why there is no built-in option to keep Sleep mode off when you close the lid ... unless you are in clamshell mode.

    I run in clamshell pretty regularly and would love to know the official answer on this.

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