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Thread: Video conferencing solution?

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    Video conferencing solution?

    Need some help to clarify a video conferencing solution.

    If I have IChat Av Public Beta 2.1 and Isight, my family uses Windows XP, webcam and AIM 5.5, and we both have AIM user a/cs, it shouldn't be a problem initiating a videoconference am I right?

    Anyone had any success/ problems with this yet? esp since IChat AV is in beta...

    Appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's hit and miss. Most problems seem to be on the AIM side. If either side has firewalls or routers, you may need to open a bunch of ports to get a connection.


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    Thanks... figured I don't have enough money to get 2 webcams (my parents and myself) so I'll just have to do w/o it =(

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