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    Ok, i'm SO close to getting a PowerMac G4 tomorrow. We're going to buy one to replace an old Compaq we have. But, I have a question. We have a ViewSonic monitor that we want to use on the new pc, as we don't want to buy a new one. I called the Apple Store, and they said that a PC monitor can work with the PowerMac. I just wanted to confirm that here. Should the monitor work with the PowerMac G4? We also have a NetGear router for the internet, and they also said that I should be able to install the PCI adapter into the PowerMac. What are your views on that? Thanks.

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    and, if I can't install the ethernet card, would the AirPort Extreme card work with the NetGear router?

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    Yes you can use your original monitor.

    If the NetGear card doesn't work YES the Airport Extreme will connect with the NetGear routers with no trouble
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