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    Front Row on External Monitor?
    Hey everyone,
    Quick question:
    I have a MacBook Pro and I have a Samsung 22" external monitor that I hook up to it at my desk. When I am running in extended desktop mode and start Front Row, my external monitor goes black and Front Row loads on the MBP monitor. Is there a way to make Front Row load on my bigger external monitor? (Turning on desktop mirroring is not the solution, the resolution for mirroring puts the resolution for the external the same as the MBP screen, which is a lot lower)
    Thanks a lot!!!
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    I think if you set the external display as the primary display it will come up on the external (drag the menu bar over to the big display when in display preferences)
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    FWIW, it uses the external monitor automatically in clamshell mode.

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    Thanks a lot PowerBook, worked perfectly!!!!
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