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Thread: Re format?

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    Re format?
    Well had my mac for a few days now, dowloaded and installed bits and bobs here and there.
    I have ntaleld a lot of apps tried to remove the ones i could that i think were of no use to me , however I have now found more or less all the apps i need as i have on my old Win PC.

    So would it be advisable to format the machine to get a fresh start and just install what I now know what i mean as I like a clean machine with no rubbish, will the apps i installed slow the machine down at all.

    THe reason I ask as I used to format my pc on a monthl baisi to stop it from slowing down is this the same case with the MAC or am i worriing about nothing?

    Thanks in advanced Tim

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    Probably no need...OS X runs off an entirely different filesystem to Windows, and is as such less prone to defragmentation and other system-draining issues.

    You may want to get hold of an additional uninstaller (like AppZapper for example) to completely remove some of your experimental downloads.


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    A good alternative to using appzapper I find is to just do a spotlight search when you want everything associated with an app gone - it will find it :yinyang:

    Also about OSX slowing down: it really doesnt. Compared to windows it really does a good job of taking care of itself, I just like to run the maintenance scripts once in a while using something like MacJanitor, but I don't know if that's completely necessary since I know a lot of people who don't and their macs are still speedy.

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    You might want to try AppDelete. It's a free application similar to AppZapper.

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    Saw this review today: AppDelete for Mac: Use it with care.

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