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    Floppy drives
    well, I definitely am getting a PowerMac G4 and an iBook G4 for college. One problem I do have is the floppy drive, or lack thereof. What have your experiences been without having a floppy drive? Do you always burn CDs to transfer files? What if I need to share files with a Windows user on a floppy? Should I definitely buy an external drive? Which do you recommend? This is the only problem with Apple that I have. They should at least have a floppy drive option for customization on the Apple Store site. Thanks

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    Not a problem for me. I burn CD's every once and a while but most of the time i just toss the files onto my USB thumbdrive that i have on my keychain. Much easier than floppies
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    well here is my experience....i havent had to share anything with a pc in a long time...and if i do, at college, your on broadband for the most part... just shoot someone an attachment through email...and if its beyond 1.44mb, its too big for email, and its too big for a college, i have a zip drive...which is surprisingly the same price as a floppy drive... usb floppy drives are expencive (or were) so getting a zip drive that can hold 100 or 250 mb is better for the most part....

    things i use to transfer files:
    -zip disk
    -usb jump drive (those little key chain drives)
    -external HD
    -burned cd
    -burned dvd
    -ipod in firewire mode
    -over the network (wireless airport direct conneted between my ibook and g5)

    my recomendations would be, if you are really worried about it, pick up a usb zip drive... if you arent too worried about it, go to college and spend a month there or so before you decide to get something....

    but i havent used a floppy drive in about 3 or 4 years...on my pc, i have it disabled on start up anyway...even pc doesnt use floppy much anymore

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    You can buy .Mac for bout $100 a year, it comes with iDisk and you can transer files up to 100MB from Windows to Mac, Mac to Mac, you can upgrade to get more space you your iDisk, I have used iDisk and it is really easy to use, highly recomend it.

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    I highly recommend a USB thumbdrive. They're actually more compatible than floppies (of 5 computers belonging to my family, all have USB, only 2 have floppy drives, and most of the rest of the world is about the same), and they're a hell of a lot cheaper than a Zip drive/disk, and smaller, and probably faster.

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    floppy disks are no good, and you don't need them......just get a cd''s like .50/ea dirt cheap.

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    I got a 256MB thumb drive, carry it in my pocket wherever I go, you can purchase thumb drives up to 512MB not sure if there is anything bigger. Thumb drive would be the way to go dude

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