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Thread: I officially call this switch..... complete!

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    I officially call this switch..... complete!
    As I write this, the final part of my migration from Windows to OS10.4.8 is finishing up. My 5G iPod is performing its sync with iTunes. With that, I am now 100% on my MBP for personal uses. The ThinkPad is a company issued machine (POS with only 512MB or RAM and a 40GB HDD) Needless to say, my company wants me to work at a snails pace.

    With the new MBP come several new additions to my desk. For Christmas, my wife got me a new 2G Shuffle which I've asked for so I can have my tunes when running. The Video iPod is just too bulky. Also, I prefer to leave it in my Mustang's glovebox (it is hooked to an Alpine HU)

    My wife also treated me to a new video camera (Panasonic PV-GS180) which I've already put to use in iMovie. To go along with that, I've spent my personal money on the following additions:
    1. 250GB Lacie D2
    2. Parallels
    3. Wacom Intuit3 4x6 tablet
    4. Elgato EyeTV250
    5. Office2k4
    6. Apps from MacHeist
    7. Crossover Office (using the beta but have pre purchased the RTM)
    8. Numerous other Apps

    I'm also beta testing VMware Fusion (I'm a VMware *****)

    BTW, the Lacie d2 drive uses Firewire 800. I've found that it is an outstanding location to store virtual disks for Parallels and VMware. The performance is outstanding. I'm also using it for the cache buffer of EyeTV as well as the recording location for TV shows. Doing this takes a load off the local hard drive and allows me to work while watching TV (or even recording TV) with no performance hit. The only time I've noticed a performance degradation is when running one of my virtual machines, since it is on the same disk.

    The other external drive is an NTFS formatted drive with TONS of tools I had collected when working at Microsoft. It gets attached to the Mac when I'm running VMs. Otherwise I'll use it with the StinkPad.

    The last thing I want to get is a good bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Under my desk is a homebuilt box that runs Win2k3. I'm going to rebuild it with Longhorn Server because I'll be testing out M$ new virtualization product (still in beta) I'll just RDP to it after I've finished the build. Anyone have recommendations on bluetooth keyboards and mice?

    As you might notice, the MBP has A LOT of cables coming from it. Every port is being used. Even the Firewire 400 port gets used when I'm importing video. Behind the MBP is a 4 port USB hub which is already full and I still can't attach everything to it at once.

    So far I've managed to crash my MBP three times. However this is only happening when I'm using USB 2.0 devices on VMware Fusion. The latest build of Fusion appears to have taken care of this. I have also managed to crash System Preferences multiple times when changing desktop backgrounds. I have narrowed the cause down it happening only when I try to access backgrounds stored in my Pictures folder. That folder is over 5GB in size and the crash indicates a memory issue of some sort. I'm guessing my pictures folder is just too dang big. Anyways, I moved my extra backgrounds to the Desktop Pictures folder and everything seems fine. I've had no other significant issues.

    So what have I done with my MBP? Well, I've definitely gotten my artistic fix on with this machine. I've finished scanning and retouching hundreds of photos. Some of these photos date back to just after the civil war. I used iPhoto to create multiple hard cover photo albums which I gave as Christmas gifts. I also created a slide show of pictures for our family Christmas Eve party. Both were HUGE hits. My Grandfather was extremely happy to see the restored pictures of his father. He was shocked to see his BABY PICTURES that were taken in 1912. They looked like new. Photoshop is a wonderful tool

    I created a short movie with iMovie, however it sucks. I now know to never let my 12 year old nephew to shoot video of family events. I swear that boy must have drank at least 20 Dr. Peppers. That camera moved so much you would think you were in Kobe Japan during a class 8 earthquake.

    I've also done a lot of work. Next week, I've got a presentation to give on Virtualization. I've built up a presentation using KeyNote so I can keep the audience awake as well as make an impression on company executives about using Macs. I'm also updating work documents on Office 2k4 and running Outlook 2003 on Crossover Office (beta)

    So here is my setup. Feel free to chime in if you've got any suggestions for improvements.

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    I must say, that is a pretty sweet setup...
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    Congratulations on the switch... after reading what you've already accomplished, it seems you're already well-acclimated! I've only been a Mac user for 2 weeks, and I'm a solid convert... my PC is there for extra storeage, and the occasional game. Oh yeah, be sure to check out iWeb. It's simple, but it's got some good stuff in there. It certainly makes a good-looking website in no time, and has the ability to do photo albums & stuff within the site, certainly a cool feature if you want to share those things with friends & family.

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    Good for you~

    PS: i noticed that you mentioned your wife many times, :black: must love you a lot~haha ~

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    Yea, we've been married 11 years. She rocks

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    That's simply sick :-) It's about half the stuff I've afforded over a year. Really nice.
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    You have a nice wife

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    nice setup. Like others have said be sure to check out iweb.

    Heres my blog and i use iweb to make. take a look

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    Whoah! That's so much awesome stuff! Congrats on all the new toys and you have a great open mind: that helps a lot when making the switch.

    Nothing defeats more the purpose than a Windows user buying a Mac only to install and use Windows.

    Mac OS X can do it all, you just need to learn and use new apps. I think it's DB that keeps suggesting to switchers they wait at least two months before installing Windows on their new Mac just to give themselves a chance and incentive to learn Mac OS X and I agree entirely with that.

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    Wow LOL that looks awesome! My God, I want a setup like that!

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