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    Dec 08, 2006
    Noticeable internet slowdown of late
    Let me start by saying I made the switch on December 14th and love it. I have a 20 imac and love everything it can do. One problem I have recently though is a noticeable slowdown in the internet and how wwebpages stall awhile at the begining then load. It did not do this the first week or so but does now. I tried another browser camino, just to see if it was the same it was. I never shut off the imac i let it sleep, could this be a problem?

    Also I have dsl and a wireless modem with it that the imac found right away and works great with. Have any suggestions? Thanks

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    It sounds like it's a network problem, and nothing to do with your Mac hardware or software. Have you got another machine you can check with?

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    Try the following:
    1. Turn off the imac and unplug the dsl modem and wireless modem.
    2. Plug the DSL modem in and wait until the lights stop blinking.
    3. Plug the wireless modem in and wait 2-3 minutes.
    4. Boot the iMac up.

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    jeffnewc, there have been several posts here and also in other places on the internet. I have experienced the same problems that I think you have mentioned, what seems to help is to make sure that you empty Safari's cache and clear up the history.

    There was one other suggestion that I read here that seems to have helped. The suggestion was to change the permissions of icons folder to read only, this folder is found under user>>library>>safari>>icons.

    Hope this helps seems to work for me.

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    If you're open to using Firefox, turn on pipelining and you will never have a slow loading page again.

    However this holiday season I have noticed a slight slowdown in the websurfing experience - work or home.

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    Firefox helped
    I tried the changing permissions on the folder didnt notice much difference. Then I downloaded firefox, wow big help it is a lot faster thanks guys for all the suggestions!

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    Other things that help Safari... Besides locking the icons folder, emptying the cache helps a whole lot as well.

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