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Thread: iMac or Mini?

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    iMac or Mini?
    I'm a little torn about which machine to get. I will use just for basic home computing and am not to worried about speed etc. I like the iMac but my major concern is what happens when the hard drive/cpu sputters out and dies? Can I upgrade the HD and processor since the monitor still works? I look at an iMac similar to the the TV/VCR combos...The TV screens last a lot longer that the moving parts (VCR) that are included.

    So I guess a few questions
    What is the lifespan of an iMac?
    What is the lifespan of an Apple monitor?
    What is the lifespan of the Mini?

    I know that the Mini and the Monitor will be more expensive but after the mini goes down in a few years, i'll still have a working monitor that I can buy a new mini for. When the iMac goes down, I have to get a whole new package, screen and cpu.


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    They would last about the same, and I wouldn't worry, most people still use iMacs coming up to 10years old and have never ever had a glitch.

    MacMinis are not very easy to get into, because you have to get into them with a knife. iMacs you can get into and upgrade easy.

    iMacs are a much better choice, and IF, just IF your display goes (VERY UNLIKELY, you can order a new one to go inside it or plug in an external one, which you could put in front of the iMac.

    The iMac is better value and has better upgrade prospects & is easier to access.

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    If I had bought an iMac instead of the Mini I wouldn't be thinking of upgrading every day.

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    if the display does go in the imac then it should be covered by warranty. the iMac will be able to cope with new programs etc for longer as it already has better specs than the mac mini. Let us know what you decide on

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    i'm leaning more towards the imac right now. just hoping that the HD and the processers dont crap out before the monitor.

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