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    Hey guys, few questions regarding gaming
    Hey all whats up? I have a few questions regarding gaming. I'm not a big gamer and only played one game extensively on my PC (Diablo 2) but there is a game coming out in the upcoming months and am worried I will not be able to play it well on my mac. The game is World of Warcraft and I meet all the min system reqs they have listed on the site for macs (I even go beyond some of them) but my main concern is this. Under the video card they have min req as 64MB of VRAM, and I only have 32. Am I still going to be able to play this game? I don't really know how well games function if you don't meet the specs (keep in mind i meet/beat all the others), so some help from experience MAC or PC gamers would help.

    Also, I have 512 RAM and want to up it to a gig. Where is the best deal for RAM (I've heard not to buy RAM off of apple considering how much they charge).

    Thanks a bunch guys!!!!

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    you should set your graphics to a lower quality otherwise it will be pretty choppy
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    Ram wise I get all mine from Good prices and excellent delivery

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    As the beta is not quite running yet (I hope it's not, cause I didn't get my invite ) I don't think anyone but Blizzard could tell you exactly what can and can't run WoW.

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    thanks so much guys, those links really helped me out. My e-mail has just been sent to blizzard

    An additional question regarding memory. Currently I have 512MB and am looking to upgrade to a gig. Can I just buy the single 512MB or should I buy 2 256's? Under my "about this mac" I have 2 256's and I think I read somewhere that it's best to stay with what you have, meaning that if I had a 512 in that I should go with the 512 etc... Did I misinterpret this "staying with what you have" thing?

    Also I have another question regarding video card upgrade. I have what currently came on this system, the Geforce 4 MX and was thinking of upgrading to the Geforce FX 5200 Ultra. Now if I upgraded the video card to this would it upgrade my Video Memory? Or are there ways to upgrade video memory without a graphics card. I'm asking this because the fx 5200 ultra on nvidias web site says that it provides 128mb, it doesn't say it's vid memory but that's what i'm guessing, yet on apple store under the 17 inch imac's, this same video card has 64mb vid memory. Am i getting confused here? Can i just upgrade the VRAM and keep the video card i have now, or are those 2 things directly related?

    Sorry for such the langthy post, I just have so many questions and it seems as though I always get great answers on these forums.

    Thanks so much guys/gals!

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