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    Open Firmware Activated?
    I think I have installed the Open Firmware Password feature on my MBP. How do I confirm that it really is on. I inserted the disc and clicked the Open firmware icon. It asked me a password and that was it. When I restart the computer it justs boots up like always (it asks my login password and thats it). Is there a way that I can verify that it is on? one more thing is there a widget or an app that will display my temps for CPU, GPU, perhaps even Battery, I've have seen them somewhere.

    Thanks for reading!

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    i have no idea what you're talking about in regards to "open firmware password".

    i do have an app for you for temp monitoring...

    temperature monitor

    it's not a widget, but it's slick. i have mine to start on startup. it doesn't open a new window, but it does put an icon in the dock and displays a reading in your menu bar (might be a pref you need to switch on, can't rememeber if it did that by default).

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    Intel Macs do not use Open Firmware, instead using EFI. There is (so I am told) an 'open firmware password' utility that actually sets an EFI password. To check that it's really turned on, press and hold 'option' when turning on the machine. This will prompt for a password to access the startup manager.

    One thing the password doesn't seem to block is normal boot - it's more to prevent 'maintenance' boots (resetting PRAM, booting from CD). In this regard, it's nothing like the 'BIOS password' on PCs.

    More info here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cad2blender View Post
    one more thing is there a widget or an app that will display my temps for CPU, GPU, perhaps even Battery, I've have seen them somewhere.

    Thanks for reading!
    Applications - Utitlities - Activity Monitor, Drag it to your dock for quick access
    for temps go to dashboard and start up ministat 2 - provides a lot of info also

    battery info should be on the menu bar already, but is also in ministat2
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