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    Macbook is slowing down...
    internet takes longer to load up, and now when I watch TV from different websites, its not a clear stream---its all choppy. How can i find out how much memory I am using so i can start cleaning up stuff I don't use.
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    in answer to your ram question - activity monitor (in the utilities folder)

    try repairing the permisions in disk utility (also in utilities folder)

    hopes this helps
    let me know if it works if not i will try and think of other things that could help.



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    If you are running off Wi-Fi, try using "interference robustness" sometimes when I use this, or toggle it, it makes my internet faster.
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    If you have 512 ram, you might want to consider 1gb, i had the same problem, i upgraded, and now it runs like a champ!!
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    Adding RAM to the amount already in your Mac is a must, I would think. So as soon as you can, add some.

    For now, you could also download MainMenu and use it to run your Maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis if you don't let your Mac on all the time.

    Till you get the extra RAM, to spruce up the performance a little I would use MainMenu to clear all the caches: users, browsers, system, etc. That usually helps a little.

    As for the Repairing Disk Permissions thing, if you are running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.x (which I assume you are using) it isn't as needed as it was with Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x). The messed up disk permissions thing has been pretty much fixed now.

    You can always go through that process if you want, but unless you have been really active in playing around with your Mac OS X install, there shouldn't be much permission repairs.

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    Sounds to me like your internet connection has gotten slower. First thing I would try is restarting the cable/dsl modem. This has worked for me before.

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