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Thread: Mac Rookie

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    Mac Rookie
    Yo wazzuo just purchased my first Mac...

    Sure I will have lots of questions...


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    Congrats! Just make sure you don't try to make it Windows, instead, forget everything about Windows and learn from start. Lots of things are different, and (IMHO) different in better ways.
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    congrats on the new MAC!
    in time you will learn to love your mac and almost abandon windows... although that was the case with me haha
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    Time to celebrate! I just converted about 3 weeks ago and its been so easy to set up my imac and get started. You won't regret the switch one bit and this forum is a great place to get you over the few humps you might encounter. I don't plan to ever use windows again!

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    welcome to the fold!

    here's some good info...

    a few apps to check out:

    unison - great newsreader/binary downloader if you need that sort of thing.

    onyx - excellent maintenance tool, great for cache maintenance and tweaking preferences

    delocalizer - will free up a couple gigs of space by removing extra language support if you don't need it (i recovered about 2.8Gb).

    also, these threads are fun for anecdotal reference:

    A quick summary of my problems. Read this if you're a new switcher!

    Switchers, what do you love most about your new Mac?

    switchers - top 5 things you don't miss!

    Feelings of Apple Disillusionment

    A switcher's guide to OS X Software

    macbook games
    what games are working on your macbook

    macbook hard drive space
    check this thread out

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