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    Finally done it.
    After switching my Dell laptop for a Powerbook a number of weeks ago I've finally been bitten by the Mac bug and last night I swapped out three pc's from under my desk and replaced them with a G5 and 20" flat screen.

    Since getting the G5 home last night and spending an hour or so loading software I have only found one down side, Virtual PC does not run on a G5! Unfortunately I need VPC to check that the Java projects I write for university run correctly in Jbuilder4 and work with an access database (both specificied by the course and I can't just use something else).

    Does anyone know of any another 'virtual' software (I have heard that there used to be a number of these products) that will run on the G5 or have any idea when MS are going to release a G5 compatible version of VPC?



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    At the moment, no. However, there's a project called DarWine that is attempting to port Linux's Windows emulator (Wine) to Mac. It's not out, yet, but it should be something to keep your eye on.

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