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    Feb 20, 2004
    Mid-2011 MBP 13" i5
    Why did ya'll switch to mac??
    I am switching to mac mainly because I do alot of audio work and the windows software out there is crap and you need to buy a ton of add on hardware to do anything with it.

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    Because it was required for the first program I was enrolled in. Now I have a $2000 paperweight... just kidding. It actually works just fine in computer science as well as graphic design. Xcode rocks.

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    I bought my mac because that's what I do all my work in my classes with. I'm in graphic yeah..macs the way to go....also because for laptops..they've just got the best out there. And because panther amazed me.

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    I bought a Mac because I was sick and tired of rebooting Windoze...the more I use OSX the more I hate Windoze

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    I was bored,, and it looked so purdy!!

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    Battery life, ease of use.

    Battery life is double that of my friends' PC laptops

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    irrational urge to just switch.

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    Feb 24, 2004
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    Battery life (First switch was the laptop), stability, design, unix underlay, security...

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    I havent switched yet, but i can tell u all im gonna switch within the next months for 2 main reasons.
    1 - Ive heard so much good about MSC + OSX wich makes me wanna switch
    2 - I just loooove how OSX looks and the dsign on the iBooks...

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    Thumbs up
    I made the switch a few weeks ago. Initially, I fell in love with the titanium powerbook's good looks - sleek, sliver, sexy... I'm big on visuals. When I saw a friend's up close I thought... "wow!" After using the Mac OS X system for just a day or two I was sold. I absolutely love the simplicity of installing programs: drag and drop. Uninstalling? drag and drop into the trash. No more .DLLs, no more incompatibilities, no more uninstalling and reinstalling from "control panel/add/remove programs...

    Oh, and being the big digitial photo taker that I am, I was blown away by the included bundle of iLife '04. I'm a video editing junkie now... I've called up friends and family members and offered to burn their home movies to DVD just to be able to play around with iDVD and iMovie more extensively. I never needed a driver or software installation when I hooked up my camera, my bluetooth mouse, my iSight, none of my peripherals... just plug it in, and it works. So sweet! iPod? Works like a dream. I can't imagine ever going back to Windoze again.

    Now I see what all the fuss is about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texasmeat
    I am switching to mac mainly because I do alot of audio work and the windows software out there is crap and you need to buy a ton of add on hardware to do anything with it.

    And let me also say that Airport Extreme works incredibly well. My IBM Thinkpad with Linksys aircard could barely keep me online one flight up from my basement to my first floor. With my Airport Exteme and Powerbook, I'm sitting here in my bedroom on the second floor with a full signal from my router down in the basement. At work, in a huge NYC office building, I constantly pick up wireless networks from several floors above me. Amazing...

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    Unix environment was the thing that caused me to spend the money on a mac. I do a lot of work in unix and being able to run it natively on my machine has made life at work and in class SO much easier.

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    i haven't switched yet also, but i am going to because i tried an ibook yesterday and it's JUST AWSOME !

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    Norwood is a Mid-2010 15 inch MacBook Pro with 10.11.1.
    Talking Why Macs rule
    I switched to a Mac because Windows crashed every time I used it. I don't think Windows likes me. :rolleyes:

    My Mac, on the other hand is awesome! When I go back home and am 'forced' to use a PC, I always miss my Mac because it's soooo much cooler, and it listens to me!

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    4 main reasons I swtiched:
    1) Final Cut Pro
    2) SoundTrack
    3) Reason
    4) Having the PowerBook support all of them at once.. hahaha.

    and the looks of the PowerBook don't hurt either.
    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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