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    ahhhhh please help (transferring music and videos)
    hi im getting a macbook pro for xmas and i was wondering what was the best way to transfer my music/videos from my ibm laptop. i have around 9 GB of stuff on my ipod...i tried to transfer some videos on to a dvd to then transfer onto the mac but my computer wouldnt recognize the disc
    thanks so much!

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    1)Rightclick on the music/video folder in your ibm laptop and goto the properties.
    2)Activate the sharing.
    3)Connect the MBP to the ibm laptop via a firewire cable or through a router.
    4)Goto Network section in the Finder window. You should now see something similar to mshome. Goto the appropriate folder.
    5)Doubleclick and connect to the shared folders.(you may need user name and pw to connect to your ibm)

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    Or you could use an IPOD as an external HDD to copy files back and forth. goto and goto Swich to mac. and they will have a few options in there. Or copy info to cd/dvd for file copy/transfer....even like novicew said...just enable file sharing on the PC and have it networked to the MAC and just drag files between the 2.

    Call Applecare or goto your Local Apple Store they will help you out too...if you need it.

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    I know its not the quickest way...but I didn't have a firewire cable or anything to connect the two computers, and I couldn't get them to share over the network.

    But I did have a 2 GB flashdrive. So I just copied and pasted the stuff to the flashdrive and then plugged it into the other computer and loaded it onto that one.

    Like I said, not the quickest way, but it only took 4 transfers and it was done. Pretty simple.

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