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    *Shhhhhh* That'll tell 'em our age...

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    They do call me with their PC problems (I know more than them but just enough to be dangerous). I will have to remember they are just friends who continue to make nad keeping me as a friend!

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    congrats. we are here for you if you have any questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylee View Post

    Young lady being complimented by a guy old enough to be your pappy = blushing? You must blush easily.

    Since you were recently a newbie to Macs, any words of advice that would have helped you? Remember, I know the mantra...just have to remember it during times I WANT OS X to be XP!


    Oh yea, made my first venture into myspace to see you page and opps! no entry. (fear not, I am not a leach...just getting goofy and giddy.) ml
    Ummm...I don't think I can offer any advice cause I'm still learning myself. All I can really say is you're going to love your mac. I really enjoy mine. Way better than the old XP machine I used to use.

    Oh yeah, my space is private So all you could see is my picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylee View Post
    My friends think I am nuts for wanting to go (and now goiing) to a Mac, so they think it is the dark side!! I am thinking they would be blinded by the brightness on the Mac dark side.
    One of my best friends, after his first computer (a Mac LC 475, bought in 1994 or so) decided to buy a PC Win in 2001 or so. He had so many problems with his new PC-Win computer and with the OS that he used to say to me all the time: "I can't do this with the computer", "I can't do that with the computer", I was so tired of it that at some point I used to reply this: "You can't do that and that? Ho! don't tell me they sold you a non compatible computer!...".
    Now he have an iBook G4 and is expecting a MacBook Core 2 Duo this Christmas for his wife and kids. The old "non compatible" PC-Win is just waiting for the trash.

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