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Thread: Question about printing

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    Question about printing
    Hey guys, thanks for the responses to all my questions before. Everything that I did on my PC is now on my mac and I'm loving it. I have a simple question regarding printing.

    How can I print just a selection of a document that I highlight. I'm using the safari browser if that matters. Or can't selection printing be done on a mac? Thanks for your time!

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    select the text you want to print and then click the Safari menu -> services -> textedit -> new window containing selection

    this will open up a textedit window with your text in it. then print this.

    Sort of a long workaround but it works.

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    OK - There MUST be a simple, quick, one-step way to do this.
    I have to 'select' 'print' a zillion times per day for my online business.
    I get long emails and need to only print out a blurb of it. Perhaps 60 times per day. I personally cannot do the above action that many times. And IMO, I shouldn't have to resort to that. I have no idea what they were thinking when they left this out.

    Is there any script, etc. floating around to solve this ridiculous issue? I just want to copy some text and click 'print selection'.

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    Try FireFox or Camino, they do it AFAIK.

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    Try Shift+command +T
    OOp's forgot you may have to install this

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