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Thread: ctrl-enter on the mac?

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    Nov 30, 2006
    ctrl-enter on the mac?
    Hi All,
    In the pc world I got really used to typing the domain such as yahoo, and then doing a control-enter and it would add the www. and
    Is there some similar option in the mac world, or do I need to learn to type the whole thing again?

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    Sep 30, 2004
    What browser?

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    Apple Enter
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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    This is awesome! Never heard of it before. Added to both of your reputations!

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    Actually nothing is needed, just press return / enter. Try it type yahoo and hit enter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamindaines View Post
    Actually nothing is needed, just press return / enter. Try it type yahoo and hit enter.
    This is the biggest issue I run into when I am on a windows machine. I type in yahoo or whatever and hit enter and instead of taking me to it does a MSN search for it.

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    I use Ctrl-Enter a lot on my Windows machine, so I was a bit annoyed when it wouldn't work in Safari or Firefox until I accidentally hit the Apple key and then Enter. Been using it ever since I stumbled upon this "discovery"

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    i just type where i want to go and hit enter no www or .com's
    for i just type "yahoo" or "myspace" or "mac-forums" and it brings me to the right spot....some websites that use .org or .edu need those on the end but 99.9% of the time you dont need to bother in safari or firefox
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    i dont remember

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