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    Dec 06, 2006
    Should i Wait til Leapord comes out to get my new Macbook?
    Everyone keeps saying the leapord is coming out "soon" any scope on how soon?
    and some are saying that its not gona b out for a while...

    im kinda wondering if i should wait to get my macbook..

    are there any really hardcore mac fans that have a general idea

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    Spring of 2007 is all we know
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    No, shouldn't wait

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    I remember somebody else asking a similar question on the forum....

    Leopard isn't going to be out till late Spring 2007, so unless you want to wait 6 months, I suggest you just get a Mac now and then upgrade to Leopard when it comes out.

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    Oct 24, 2006
    I read on one of the rumor sites that March is the target. I would view it as how much money do you have to blow? Leopard will probably run you ~$150. If getting it three months early is worth an extra $150 then go for it. Otherwise, might as well wait.

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    One problem with waiting for Leopard is that rumor has it there will be another new version of the OS coming out some time in the future.

    Bottom line is there will always be something new/better just around the corner. Ultimately the decision to wait or buy will be yours. I chose to buy and am very happy I did.

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    If you dont need the macbook right now and can wait with no problems, might as well wait. If you really need the computer and dont mind paying for the new OS, get the computer now and then upgrade when you feel the time is right.

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