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    Running updates
    I will be receiving my brand new 20 inch imac today and am very excited. this will be my first ever mac after many, many years of windows. I was wondering should I let the imac run all the updates as soon as I get it? And how do I do this or what would you experts do? Thanks for the help and I can't wait to check it out and learn a new OS.

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    Well you will probably like to know that you wont get an update every day. And you can go ahead and check out your new mac with out checking for updates. There mite not even be any right now. I hope you enjoy your new mac.

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    Don't even think about it, "it just works" remember. I got mine about five weeks ago - it did an update within about half an hour of connecting to the Internet and that was it. You can manually check for an update if you like but if you don't it will prompt you eventually anyway.

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    There's no rush. It might tell you to update, otherwise look at Software Update in the Apple menu when you have a spare mo.

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    Thanks guys
    Thank you for the quick response. Your right, I am still in the windows mindset that for hours after a new computer you get to do all the non-fun stuff like updates and driver loads...I will not miss that! I am very excited about the ilife applications and can't wait to get home tonight! Again thanks for the help!

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