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Thread: Cookies/Cache/etc

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    Dec 06, 2006
    So uh... With PCs it was kind of involved to clear out history/cookies/file caches etc. Do Macs contain the same type of thing? Do they save webpages, cookies etc? If so how do you clean them out? :bone:

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    user>library>caches and you can delete them..

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    There is a web cache, cookies and a history in most, if not all, browsers. In Safari, it is as easy as selecting Clear History and Empty Cache from the menu bar. For cookies you can go into the Preferences and have it not accept cookies from any site, always accept them or just from sites you navigate to. You can easily clear those as well

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    what do i need to clear in order to hide temp files connected to nudy sites i visit? just the browsers cache or the system cache too?

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    I suggest taking a look at a program called Onyx. It has lots of cleaning and maintenance options. Just select all the cache and forms buttons, hit the Execute button, and you're in the clear. Much easier than digging around on your own.

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