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    Question Switching doubts...
    Hi, I really hope someone can help me out... I'm thinking of switching for good, but I still have some doubts, specially because I'm a DBA and I use tools like Oracle, and I'd like to know if I can run my work tools on a Mac.
    The one I'm about to buy is the MBP 15.4'' with C2D 2.33 and 2GB in Ram.

    Do you think switching will have an impact on my professional life? What do you think? I do love them, altough it'll be my first, I've been in love with them for about 6 years, and I'm really exited, but what keeps me from buing it right now is that I'd like to dump all my other computers, and use my Mac for everything and I'm not sure if I can do it.

    Please someone HELP ME!!!


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    Unfortunately I can't say much about Oracle on mac, but google revealed to me:

    Maybe it helps.
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    I'm not familiar with the software, but worst case scenario, you can run boot camp and run the windows version of the Oracle software and Mac OS X for everything else.
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    I think it is foolish for anyone to "switch" for "good". There is no reason why a person can't use both operating systems side by side. The idea of "switching" is really sort of restrictive and confining. Just use what the job calls for... if that is Windows, then so be it. If its Mac, no problem. Just use the right tool for the job.
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    I agree whole heartedly. I became a "switcher" and although I had some issues with Macbooks not working, I now LOVE my new macbook. But there are just too many programs not available, and so for that I have a desktop that is a Dell. Sure you can use bootcamp, but I dont want to bog this machine down.

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    I've been trying to get my employer to give me a Macbook for a year now. You should have no problems doing DBA stuff with an Intel Mac anymore even with all of the Oracle tools running on Windows. You can:

    1. Dual boot Windows to run all the DBA GUI tools.
    2. Run a Parallels (or VMWare) virtual machine to run the GUI tools (better.)
    3. Run your databases on Terminal Server and Remote Desktop to these machines from your Mac right in MacOS X.
    4. Use X11 anyway to run DBA GUI tools right on the UNIX server on which Oracle is installed to display back to your Macbook.
    5. Run Oracle native MacOS X DBA GUI tools to manage your Oracle databases, if any exist (I don't know if they do since my Mac isn't portable and I don't take it to work nor does it have a compatible VPN client to work remote from my Mac with my employers' VPN network.)
    6. Just run Terminal to a ssh session to the remote host (if UNIX) on which the database resides to run sqlplus to manage the database (old school.)
    7. I forgot what seven was for.
    8. Profit.

    Since I don't have a Mac at my desk at work, I actually use a Linux machine to do all of those DBA type things for the heterogeneous mix of Oracle database running on various UNIX/Linux/VMS and other OSes. All of the tricks I've learned running a Linux desktop to manage Oracle databases pretty much transfer over in some fashion to a MacOS X work station.

    Now if I can just convince them to buy me one.

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