Thus far, I love the mac, and all the programs that have some with it. Only a few things so far that I want to be able to change:

1) In iPhoto, I looked through the folder, and have noticed that when it rotates a photo (My camera records if it needs to be rotated or not), it puts it into both "Originals" and "Modified", which is, to me, a waste of space. Is there any way of changing this, or am I just stuck with copies of my rotated photos?

2) When I do video editing, I usually multiple computers to do various aspects of it. (Like I'll do capturing, audio editing, and 3D animation on my PC, and piecing the clips together on my Mac, and doing the scoring in Garage Band). Now, because of this, I usually use an external hard drive to store everything on. The question is: Is there any way of editing everything directly off of the external drive, instead of having iMovie always import everything to its own library on the main HD?

3) Again about iMovie, this time involving sound. Is it possible to have audio clips appear in the audio tab of the media section without having to copy them all over to the particular folders usually needed? (ie: Dragging a folder into it, instead of individual files into the audio tracks) Wuld this be solved by the answer to #2?

4) The root account: From what I've heard, it is possible to activate and use the root account. Now, before you tell me not to use it, it's too powerful, etc., don't. I know what I'm doing as a root user (About 75% of my console usage on my Linux box is as root), and there's not much I would need to do as root that I couldn't do as an admin anyways, but it's mostly a matter of interest to be able to. How would I go about activating this account?

Thanks in advance for your answers.