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    Question ADC Discount and Other Purchasing Questions
    I've been researching and will probably make the "switch" and get a black macbook (with 2 gig ram) sometime during the next month.

    But, first I have some questions about the actual purchase and was hoping some of you could help. Here is what I want to know:

    I am a full-time student and had already reasoned that I would buy the macbook with Apple's educational discount. This discount drops the price of a black macbook with 2g's of ram from $1,674 to $1,556.

    Then this site, How to Buy an Apple Computer, turned me on to Apple Developer Connection (ADC) discounts and particularly the ADC Student Discount in my case. Basically, as a student, I could pay a $99 membership fee to get a substantial hardware discount to be used only once. I'm guessing a lot of you know about this program but here are the links just in case: ADC Hompage and the ADC Student Membership Page

    My first question is, does anyone have experience buying through the ADC program? How much could I expect to save on the black macbook through ADC?

    Also, it appears to say on the ADC student site that the currnet version of Mac OS X will be mailed to me. Would these mailings continue for each newer version as long as I'm a member (ie., would Apple mail me Leopard when it comes out early next year)?

    Then, the aforementioned site (How to Buy an Apple Computer) also said that Apple charges a premium for there Kingston RAM upgrades and that people might save money by not buying the RAM from Apple and just installing the RAM themselves. Do you all recommend buying RAM separately and installing it yourself or have you done it? With the proper directions and tools, I am confident I could install the RAM, but how would it affect my warranty, and could this in any way compromise my new macbook?

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.:mac:

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    Dont worry about the ADC discount, just go to a website like or and find deals for macs there from resellers (i was able to find a macbook pro core 2 duo for 1800, no tax or shipping)

    as for the ram, apple overcharges for ram, and installing your own ram does not void your warranty.

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