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    Unhappy Help Me Decide which computer to get
    Hi guys, Im planning on getting a new mac very soon, and i was looking onto some pretty sweet deals for the new Macbook Pros. I managed to find the 2.16ghz Core 2 Duo MBP for 1800 without tax or shipping. What I also ended up finding was one of the older MBPs, the 2.0ghz Core Duo with the 256mb ATI radeon x1600.

    Im planning to use my mac for AutoCAD and Photoshop (under bootcamp), but I want to use MAC OS X for everyday use.

    Heres my predicament.... I also like to play games, and I wanted to know which laptop would suit me, a CAD/Photoshop/Casual Gamer, the 2.16 Core 2 Duo MBP with the 128mb ATI, or the 2.0ghz Core Duo with the 256mb ATI.

    It would be helpful if anybody can give me some info as to how these computers perform while playing:

    WoW (boot camp and native)
    Guild Wars (boot camp)
    HL2 (boot camp or crossover)
    Oblivion (boot camp)

    PS: my budget is $2000, nothing more. so please don't recommend me to get the 2.33 ghz C2D MBP with 256mb video ram, because I cant afford it.

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    I'm going to have to go with the 2.0 Core Duo with the 256 Video memory. The stuff you are doing needs the video power, so get as much as you can. The extra processing power of the C2D is nice, but for twice the video power, I would take the older one. Either one would probably treat you fine, but I would take the video over the processing, and max out the RAM.
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    I agree with Jeff. The stuff you want to do wouldn't have a big jump with the small processor upgrade. The better video card would be more beneficial.

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